Keiman Mahabadi

Keman Mahabadi (b.1990, Tehran, Iran) started his artistic practice in the school of fine arts in 2005 and since then he's continued painting and drawing.
Keiman Mahabadi creates his works by collecting images and reproducing them. Interested in social media and how innumerable images are presented in the media, he gets the ideas for his paintings and drawings from the image data he encounters daily. By separating the images from their context and background, Keiman provides a new context for looking at and interpreting the work, this time it is the experience, geography, concerns, and interests of the viewer that give meaning to the image. This playful act of deletion and alteration allows the artist to have a personal and social exploration. The materials Keiman uses for his art are ink and paper, which have historically had a close association with the media and the communication of the ideas to the public. Keiman lives and works in Tehran, Iran.