* Sight and Insight: A place for Us

Group Exhibition, February15 - March 13, 2023

* Individual Works

* Statement
“Sight and Insight” is Bavan Gallery’s annual exhibition that is a general profile of the views and professional trajectories of the gallery’s artists, regardless of a shared subject, as a way to form a conversation amongst these artists. In these exhibitions, the viewer is faced with various approaches from the artists regarding aesthetics and techniques.
In the second episode of the second edition titled ”Sight and Insight: A place for Us” Bavan presents works from Samaneh Abri, Maryam Amirvaghefi, Mehrdad Jafari, Sanam Sayehafkan, Behzad Shahravan, Keiman Mahabadi and Adena Mirzakhanian . Each of these artists has aimed to react to the present era and its historical and sociological occurrences through their own unique outlook.
* Past Exhibitions