* Epiphany: First Station

Curator: Keiman Mahabadi, May 27 - June 13, 2022

* Individual Works

* Statement
Every artist at the beginning of their career is most likely faced with hesitations about their subjects and how to address them. Of course, these doubts are a natural part of the process and most often constructive, but they also have an irritating nature. The endeavor to find an individual expression and face the vast world of visual arts always poses a challenge for young artists.
Additionally, there are many times an artist reaches a state and series of works in their personal endeavors and intrinsic journey but later finds out that maybe those works weren’t as original as they had thought and whether knowingly or unknowingly resemble the works of another artist. But even so, practice and repetition continue and a person who is determined to succeed in this field will find ways to overcome these challenges. Although the bitter truth is that many more than those who persevere and succeed, are those who give up this path due to various obstacles.
In the first stop of “Epiphany”, we have come to view artists that are in the process of building their mental image and technical skills to be able to create something that can help shape their future careers. A path that can only come close to reaching a destination by being seen and being judged.

Keiman Mahabadi

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