* Salé Sharifi

Hidden Murmurs, May 10 – 27, 2024

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The Figure of the Garden;
In this series, instead of focusing on a text-based research, I prioritized imagery over everything. After making a number of preliminary drawings and sketches, I focused on the Garden of Golestan Palace in Tehran, Qajar’s Royal Citadel of Tehran and its Imperial Hall or Sarai-e-Homayouni.
During the early years of Qajar dynasty, the commuting path between the citadel and the south of the city was a bridge called Takhteh Pol (or gangplank). The current series could be an evocation of that bridge, Takhte pol, as a pathway to the citadel!

In order to avoid manipulating the interpretation of the audience with any further explanation, I would like to finish my text with an embellishment, a somewhat irrelevant half-line from Saadi!
Merely a garden to behold and rejoice, no fruit it bears to none

Salé Sharifi
Spring 2024
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