* Timeless

Group Exhibition, February 16 – March 8, 2024

* Installation Views

* Individual Works

* Statement
“Timeless” is the title of the third annual group exhibition at Bavan Gallery that, regardless of the thematic dialogue between artworks, delves into the artist's perception of the surrounding world.
Concepts and meanings exist beyond time constraints, and the artist emphasizes their timelessness by blending their own understanding of them in their works. In this way, each artist becomes the narrator of their unique story. In the intersection between contemporary art and time, the artist stands in an architectural position shaping the future.
They strive to connect different times and present their thoughts through their medium to the audience.
The current exhibition is a discourse among the works of a number of Bavan Gallery’s Artists, aiming to interact with the concept and personal interpretation of the artworks, which deals with the inherent connection between the artist and the meanings present in the collective consciousness, including individual, social and political narratives.
Here, the past is a support, the present is an artistic medium, and the future is the realm of infinite ideas awaiting the exploration of the artist.

– Shamim Bakhshizadeh
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