* Where is the Sun?

Shabnam Jahanshahi, April 19 – May 6, 2024

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Where is the Sun?
In this series, I have gone to works in the history of art (painting) and I use them as examples, so that I can search for a part of my contemporary life by adapting them. In hope that after this search, I can have an answer to my questions and more questions.
What is the relationship between the narration (of the truth), the narrator, and the recipient? Does the recipient receive the same narrative as the narrator? (or according to the narration) does he enter his lived experience?

For me, sometimes coexistence, moving, and changing the position of characters and places are the main tools in this direction. The bright and clear point is that on each figure in each work, the light is in a different direction.

Shabnam Jahanshahi
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