* Memory Disorder

Tarlan Tabar, May 21-June 18, 2021

* Installation Views

* Individual Works

* Statement
Tarlan Tabar uses brilliant color pixels to create her works, and painting with marker allows her to reconstruct images directly. The "Memory Disorder" is a continuation of the artist's previous exhibition entitled "Amnesia." In the past, Tabar mostly used photos of her family and friends, and by making collages of them created the composition of her works; However, in the "Memory Disorder" series, more visual resources have been added, including portraits, and also the photographs she has come upon on the internet. These photo collections remind the artist of the events in which she has not been present but are associated with certain concepts and images in her mind; These mental images are distorted, altered, and vague and are more like making up memories.
Memories that, despite traces of truth, do not match reality. In this series, some images are more fragmented and are so interwoven that it is not easy to distinguish them from one another. The audience is also faced with more color pixels and details. In these works, the artist looks back at the memories and, by defamiliarizing them, creates fragmented narratives. The horizontal composition of the works reinforces the narrative aspect and is reminiscent of scroll paintings. Tabar produces her works inspired by the colors of Iranian paintings and Japanese-style paintings and prints. The paintings have no specific time and place, and due to the intertwining of lines and surfaces in them, the viewer must focus all his senses on looking to understand the works.
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