* The pleasure of worthlessness

Shadi Yasrebi, December 11 - January 8, 2021

* Installation Views

* Individual Works

* Statement
No definition of us is perfect, no observer can see all of us, no one is aware of the inner layers, of the sense of worthlessness hidden in our achievements. To what extent does being loved by others depend on our inherent and intrinsic values and to what extent it depends on the external valuations?
My subconscious attempt to collect discarded items and change them into works of art was liberating for me and allowed me to reconsider the roots of the sense of worthlessness and think about this challenge that how much the place or geography might influence the character and identity of a person or an object.
It persuades me to continue these reconstructions, and also made me look at the not-so-beautiful spaces and parts of the city walls that are full of irrelevant and incomprehensible writings and numbers. A worthless substance detached from this context tries to show off its new life in a new body and place to the audience.
* Press Release
Shadi Yasrebi (b. 1989, Tehran, Iran) received her bachelor's degree in graphics from the Islamic Azad University of Tehran. In her works, with a process-oriented approach, she mainly explores the themes that are present in matter and form. The main basis of these works is worthless materials, by using them in the process of artistic work, she receives reactions from these materials. Yasrebi builds her works from the accumulation of found objects, the recycled and discarded objects she finds in everyday life, in urban spaces, and on excursions. By collecting and repositioning these materials and adding color, numbers, lines, and collaged objects to them, the artist tries to extract new forms from the material. There is a playful and exploratory quest in the artist's works that invite the audience to explore the artworks more deeply. The works in this collection are assemblages between paintings and sculptures. In her works, Yasrebi emphasizes the objecthood of the work of art by honoring matter, and with her experimentalism, perception, and improvisation, she analyzes the form, matter, and texture. The exhibition "Pleasure of worthlessness" is her second solo exhibition, which would be displayed in Bavan Gallery from December 12 to January 8, 2021.
Yasrebi has been creating works with waste and recycled materials since 2016. Ecotourism and observation of destroyed places and urban graffiti have influenced the process of creating her works.
She uses the concept of recycling and artmaking to change the use of these waste materials. In the process of artmaking, she transforms the objects that are practical in human life into unusable and illegible works of art and acquaints the audience with the new value that she has created. In the "Pleasure of worthlessness" exhibition, Yasrebi transforms inefficient, forgotten, and out-of-use carton boxes into works of art with creative and improvised methods and materials. In her works, she pays special attention to time, and in search of the right medium for that, she works on boxes that carry a history within them and have gone through a lot before ending up in the hands of the artist. A remaining object that has been transformed and gone through decay every day. Detaching these objects from their original context and distorting them, making them illegible and changing their use, adds a metaphorical expression to them. In this exhibition, Yasrebi tries to break the established rules of painting and sculpture. The artist traps the material of these works in an eternal and never-ending cycle and in this way, she has a kind of reaction to the world in which she lives. In the gallery, the audience is confronted with the erosion that we face every day in our life.