Sanam Sayehafkan

Sanam Sayehafkan (b.1989, Rasht, Iran) had participated in several group exhibitions, such as Bavan Gallery’s booth, Teer Art Fair Online, Tehran (2020), Jingart, Beijing(2021), Contemporary Istanbul, Istanbul(2021); Sayehafkan creates an atmosphere full of illusions and dreams. It seems that the elements are placed next to each other to convey a concept, element complements the other in an incredibly way but the more accurate you become, you will not come to any definite meaning. It seems the painter with amazing sharp colors and lines wants the audience to travel deep into her artwork and let them decide the end of this journey. SayehAfkan looks to art history and contemporary world literature to create stories with imagined, multi-dimensional, and deceptive narratives in her work. In these timeless painting pieces, she presents narratives of vague stories in seductive spaces to the viewer and traps the viewer within the intertwined narratives and endless exploration. Sayehafkan lives and works in Tehran, Iran.