Parham Ghalamdar

Parham Ghalamdar (b.1994, Tehran, Iran) is a Manchester-based painter, animator, curator, and researcher. He is specialized in oil painting with a background in graffiti. He studied MA Painting at Manchester School Of Art. Ghalamdar's paintings are first and foremost concerned with ways of disciplining an image. His overwhelming concern is that painting is about perception and perceptual existentialist ways of experiencing life. His paintings are subjectively inspired by the unfolding chaos around us but objectively attempt to bring the visual realm into order by relying on the histories and traditions of painting.
Ghalamdar has received the Innovate Grant quarterly fund 2021, shortlisted for the Gilchrist-Fisher Award 2022 and Emerging Scene Art Prize 2021, and Longlisted for the UK New Artists Of The Year Award 2021 and Contemporary British Painting Prize 2021.

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