Bavan Gallery is pleased to announce its participation at Asia Now 2022 presenting works by Navid Azimi Sajadi, Elham Etemadi, Parham Ghalamdar, Oldouz Nabizadeh, and Mahsa Tehrani.
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For this edition of Asia Now, Bavan presents a group exhibition by gallery artists Navid Azimi Sajadi, Elham Etemadi, Parham Ghalamdar, Oldouz Nabizadeh, and Mahsa Tehrani.
Oldouz Nabizadeh presents Spontaneous Generation, a new series of ceramic sculptures. In the Spontaneous Generation, the artist has used the ceramic medium to sculpt unrecognizable forms with rough textures, matte colors, and some black stains. These pieces are fabricated with two different ceramic techniques and each piece has gone through three phases to reach its final form.
On this occasion, we are pleased to present a selection of paintings by Parham Ghalamdar. We also feature new paintings by Elham Etemadi and Mahsa Tehrani following their solo presentations at Bavan earlier this year.
Other new works include plates by Navid Azimi Sajadi from the Allegorical States series.
Five internationally renowned young Iranian artists,who have constructed their practice over interpretations, reinterpretations, and reimaginations of different worlds, traditions, geographies, and cultural appropriations. While taking much of their visual inspirations from ancient, traditional and pre-modern imagery in Middle Eastern art, and architecture their work is replete with literary references as well as devices .
Questioning identities and their directions while exploring socio-political topics related to their home country, Iran, all engage their concerns through the involvement of politics and ironies on our everyday human life. They are working on similar disciplines and practices, focusing on different aspects of meaning, and subject matter.

Individual works