* Cut, Action

Parham Ghalamdar, December 14, 2022 – January 4, 2023

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* Statement
The screening of "Cut, action" stop cell animations is part of the 9 thousand hand-drawn frames produced from the pandemic's beginning until today.
The starting point of this collection was my reaction to the pause of my usual artistic activities after facing the mandatory quarantine conditions and the inability to attend the studio to complete the physical paintings. Animating is my other language to react to social circumstances now. This language acts as a tool to continue the dialogue with the audience of my works in the era when I am facing the lack of freedom of movement.
The release of the animation series “Cut, Action” in my absence due to migration and the absence of the physical collection of my paintings and drawings is the result of facing the current situation and my effort to deal with being stopped.
In these animations, the audience watches the movement in immobility and stillness, and in search of the punchline, it encounters another loop. Each person's reading can create a new narrative and reconstruct or complete the narrative.
The suspended state of these animations is the window of my studio that has been opened in front of the viewer to represent the continuation of my artistic activity until my postponed painting solo exhibition in Tehran in better days.
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