Niloofar Fallahfar

Niloufar Fallahfar (b.1990, Karaj, Iran) has a Diploma in Graphic Design and a BFA in Painting that she has received from the Sooreh University. She has participated in several painting and drawing group exhibitions as well as festivals and biennials. She also received recognition in the 6th Damunfar Visual Arts Festival. Fallahfar is an artist who follows a very different path compared to the others. She is undeniably a very technical painter. However, she utilizes the technique to challenge the possibilities and impossibilities of art. She thinks about the hidden things that are not meant to be seen in a work of art. Her works are made of several sides and surfaces. She converts painting from a 2-D surface to a 3-D object. Therefore, she challenges the modern ideas and descriptions of a painting which is, according to Clement Greenberg, “being loyal to flat surfaces and frames of painting”. By creating multi-surface objects and showing them as paintings, she tries to present parts of the work of art that are easily seen and parts that remain unseen or may seem irrelevant. Fallahfar had her first solo exhibition at Bavan Gallery, Tehran (2021). Fallahfar Lives and Works in Karaj, Iran.

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