* Broken Mirrors

Adena Mirzakhanian, Nov 24 – Dec 11, 2023

* Installation Views

* Individual Works

* Statement
“Broken Mirrors” is a project four years in the making. It attempts to explore and depict the chaos and turmoil in our world, striking against our will for order, and fueling our uncertainties, anxieties, frustrations and hopelessness. This chaotic landscape casts shadows over our aspirations, making them fragmented pieces of a once-whole and perfect image of happiness and tranquility. “Broken Mirrors” are shards of half-realized dreams and half-forgotten memories meeting at a vantage point both distant and immediate.
The acrylic paint flows over the images like stormy waters, taking a three-dimensional form by filling in the edges and voids. Shapes are born out of texture and color, and forms aim to find shelter within the disorder. The images, while each part of a more extensive narrative, remain unfinished and fragmented touches on the larger whole, with each timeline often transcending beyond the frame and into an unknown world where beauty, chaos and order live symbiotically.
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