* The hunting Ground

Mahsa Tehrani, August 19 – September 5, 2022

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The Hunting Ground

I once heard that being a hunter is a way of life in which the hunter sees everything and everyone one way or the other: either a prey or a hunter. The prey is desirable to him and he seeks to own it, while the hunter is the source of fear and he is scared of it.
In this series of works called “The Hunting Ground”, I have been roaming around among life’s paradoxes and contradictions. In a world that holds softness and violence, beauty and horror, and chaos and peace, all together. With my experience of instability of all things in life, looking back at the vague and blurry images of the past, the ambiguous future ahead, and the influence of bounds of geography and locations, I see humans in the stretch between birth and death as both the hunter and the prey.

In some pieces of this series, I have chosen the vase as one of the various objects within my narratives. I have treated these vases as if they were human, trying to give them a human-esque identity filled with both violence and softness.
Flowers are a sign of birth, awakening, and renewal of life. They are so strong and resilient that they can grow anywhere, but also too fragile and delicate that they can’t bear any minor roughness. Vases are a known space for severed flowers to relive a short time amongst humans, before perishing. Painted vases are soft, calm, and polished as handmade objects, but they can transform their surroundings.
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