* SumMary of Muscle Memoories

Maryam Amirvaghefi, June30 - July 17,2023

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The turbulent terrain of the female presence in both sports and art scenes echo their treacherous existence in each domain. It is apparent that the patriarchal system perceives both fields in a similar light, an observation likely applicable to virtually all domains. The frustrating consequence is readily visible in the economy of art and sports, with women being marginalized and allocated unequal portions. The imbalance is also evident in the number of female representations in museums, institutions, and sports complexes, thus extending to numerous other realms. This injustice, however, is not unique to Iran but rather a global construct. The works of Maryam Amirvaghefi focus on this share, the part she wants to have, in contrast to what she is given.
The discrimination shown by Iranians toward women's presence in the unsafe realms of arts, sports, and the economy brings these two fields much closer together. Before even dreaming of claiming their share, women artists or athletes have to battle their families, their fathers, and brothers to be able to even pursue any of these domains. A type of fighting against domestic patriarchy results in being trained and prepared to fight the institutionalized patriarchy within society and to win the rights they're entitled to.
Every woman who wields a paintbrush or trains for sports partakes in a great battle of protest, one that ultimately culminates in the reclamation of her due. These battles take place across art, sports, and all areas where anti-women structures exist. Through their daily practices of liberation, the ideas of freedom and rights inevitably expand and transform the landscape. Indeed, the modern social landscape of Iran is largely shaped by members' individual struggles, which have now evolved into a greater, far-reaching movement.
Being present, persisting, and progressing is an act of protest in and of itself as a woman. Merely observing an Iranian artist's depiction of an apple, in this context, is considered a radical move, a testament to the years of tireless resistance. Persistence, after all, is but an extension of being present.

Shabahang Tayyari
Spring 2023
(Translated by: Ghazal Namjoo)
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