* Ordinary Family, Strange Things

Exhibition Mehrdad Jafari, May 19 - June 5, 2023

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* Individual Works

* Statement
Observing the collection of “Ordinary Family, Strange Things” created by Mehrdad Jafari at Bavan Gallery, is like stepping into the depth of dualities such as “Private/Public”, “Woman/Man”, “Parent/Child”, “Family/Society” and “Ordinary/Strange”.
Mehrdad Jafari has discovered his focal idea by analyzing and observing hidden and visible angles of life just in accordance with his diligent artistic habit to the path to create his works of art. He refers an ordinary family to a greater whole and with his own perseverance and exploration, he adds quotidian fundamental relations to his visual study meticulously.
The focus of the collection is on critique of inequality and patriarchy that obviously has been enrooted in our higher levels of social life. In this collection, we are encountered with a coherent whole that engages us with complexity, interlock, odd patch, desperation and inequality in terms of form and content. These are ordinary legacies for our strange lives.

Saleh Sharifi, Spring 2023
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