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Group Exhibition - Foundry, Dubai , February 16 – March 25, 2024

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Deeply rooted in Persian culture, history, and aesthetics, Persian miniature embodies a storied tradition that spans centuries. This distinctive art form has evolved through Iran's dynamic social and historical epochs, continually influenced by the shifting contours of its society. Today, it finds new expressions in the works of contemporary artists across generations who delve into its conceptual and technical depths, pushing the boundaries of this majestic style into new realms.
A remarkable narrative in the historical journey of Persian culture is the philosophy of the great 12th century Persian philosopher Sohrevardi who posits that light is the most primary and profound reality, from which all creation emanates. Sohrevardi’s School of Illumination, or Ishraqi philosophy, sought to emphasize the role of light as a fundamental principle of all existence and knowledge. This deeply metaphysical notion, transcends the physical realm, symbolizing knowledge, truth, and the divine.
Similarly, Persian miniatures – renowned for their detailed craftsmanship and
vibrant luminosity – echo Sohrevardi's metaphysical exploration of light as both a physical and transcendent element. It is fascinating to note that one of the main visual characteristics of Persian miniatures is the absence of shadows, as if the entire universe is awash with light. These paintings are not just visual narratives but are imbued with the essence of Ishraqi philosophy, serving as windows into the soul's journey towards enlightenment.
Present Illuminations examines the works of four prominent contemporary artists whose practices are profoundly influenced by the Persian miniature tradition, and share the same devotion to truth-seeking and illumination of the soul. Each has developed a unique transformative approach to the traditional style, reinterpreting and reimagining various aspects of it from a contemporary perspective. Their work not only pays homage to the historical legacy of Persian miniature but chart new courses for its future. Their contributions underscore the art form's lasting significance and vibrancy within the contemporary art landscape.
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