* Experimental Game

Hoda Balouti, October 13 - 30, 2023

* Installation Views

* Individual Works

* Statement
How comprehensive is a painting? How proportional is it with the concepts that float in one’s head? How potent is it in expressing the artists’s intentions?

In this collection, I have approached landscape painting with my understanding of nature as the source of inspiration. However, as important as the approach for me, was the hidden notions and metaphors beyond each work; the instincts and desires of humankind.

The majority of the works are from photos taken by me from nature and some of them are found images. In this sense, some paintings are similar to the original photo and some are mash-ups. Nonetheless, the painting, however it is, intertwines with my imagination both in content and technique and morphs into something else.
Titles have a determinative role here. They do not just carry a name. They are an indispensable part of the work and a supplement to them.

Yet the main objective that encapsulates my entire process remains intact: does the work project the concepts within the artist’s mind? Does it exceed them? or is it constantly left behind?
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