Shadi Yasrebi

Shadi Yasrebi (b.1989, Tehran, Iran) received her BA in Graphic at Azad University. She had participated in “Fertile Paper” group exhibition at Bavan Gallery. she exhibited her first Solo exhibition at Knack Gallery (2018, Tehran). Yasrebi had learned modern Calligraphy techniques and worked for 7 years in this field but in 2015 she changed her approach and she had started to create artworks from cardboard and scarps. Shadi Yasrebi is a process-oriented artist whose artworks are made based on the process that matter goes through. She creates her works from heaps of found objects amid throwaways and recyclables. By collecting and relocating these materials and adding collage, color, and linear elements, the artist tries to extract form from matter. The main basis and platform for these artworks are worthless material that shows reactions by adding color.

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