Samaneh Abri

Samaneh Abri (b. 1992, Tehran, Iran) graduated from Art & Architecture University of Tehran central branch. She states: “I look at nature and I see an invisible correlation which connect all human being together.” Abri’s artistic talent flourished in both painting and sculpture. The main factors of Samaneh’s paintings are earth, mountains and plants. In a nutshell, nature elements. Its language is somehow traditional but she has the ability to give this language a brand new and updated accent. Her paintings are neither a simple image of the world that we see, nor an image of an ideal world. What she demonstrates are momentary visions of unique perspectives which can be just achieved by the power of imagination. In the “Earth before mankind” collection, she is looking for a flowing and mysterious image of nature which signs of its continuous demolition and internal power of the earth can be felt. The power that reminds us the mortality and instability of humankind. Abri lives and works in Tehran, Iran.