Laleh Memarardestani

Laleh Memarardestani (b. 1972) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Tehran. Her practice involves drawing, painting, and printmaking. Her educational background includes a high school diploma in graphic design, a BFA in graphic design from Islamic Azad University of Central Tehran Branch - Faculty of Arts and Architecture. She then continued her artistic education and experience in life drawing, printmaking, and illustration in England. Today, she views and approaches contemporary art as a multifaceted and multifunctional communicative and visual media. The constant practice of drawing has become her personal means of expression. An area between abstraction and reality where on the path to metamorphosis, objective forms reach a state of purity; they become reserved and only disclose the simplicity of their existence. Lines perform their part both as the expressive element and the structure of the piece; and are the finishing polish in the completion of this process. At one point fluidity, and at another stillness and silence, demonstrate the artist’s personal method of expression and simplistic approach; organic, lively, and meaningful characteristics that have always been present in her art. Memarardestani’s works have been displayed both in Iran and internationally at art fairs and independent galleries, while a part of her catalog has been presented privately at the artist’s studio.