Laleh Memarardestani

Laleh Memarardestani (b.1972, Tehran, Iran) received a diploma in graphic design from a vocational school and continued this artistic field in college, completing a BA in Graphics (Visual Communication) at Azad University.
Her experience and understanding of life were different from her peers from an early age. Her intrinsic drive to explore nature, smell plants, and touch the surroundings trained her to be more sensitive and innovative.Her main concern has always been relations between humans from the viewpoint of family and society.
Memarardestani views contemporary art as visual and communication media and mainly focuses on drawing and printmaking with ideas - not principles - as the main axis. She has always sought to understand the meaning of life and because of a personal interest in plants and studying commonalities between plants and humans, she has discovered aspects that are beyond what casual eyes can spot. Using her painting instinct, she makes drawings meaningful before the eyes of the audience as an independent media.
Memarardestani has a special interest in daily life not as a sort of repetitive action but as an endless trend of the passage of time and its effects on the individuality of people. She seeks to preserve her individuality and achieve a personal language with this viewpoint. Eliminating excessive visual features, she has gained a simplicity that she uses in the daily challenges of life.
Memarardestani lives and works in Tehran.