* Bavan Gallery presents Connective Strings of Resillience- Giorno per giorno nell’arte
February 24, 2023

The Bavan Gallery based in Tehran, on the occasion of Art Dubai (from 1 to 5 March) will open an exhibition entitled «Connective Strings of Resilience» from 28 February until 4 May, at Gallery 8 at the Foundry Dubai. The itinerary will include works by 28 Iranian artists who, with their personal visions, will form an ideal collage of ideas and ideals. This appointment is part of a series of projects entitled «The Land of the Cypress Tree». Planted in the Iranian province of Yazd, the Abarkuh cypress of the title is an undying symbol of resistance and resilience under the most extreme conditions and Iranian artists are equated with it. The exhibition aims to show different "truths" without some mediations, far from the imaginary deriving from the constant overlapping of media and voices of the Iranian political debate.
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