Homa Hosseinian

Homa Hosseinian (b.1991, Tehran, Iran) received her BFA in Painting from Faculty of Art and Architecture of Islamic Azad University Tehran Center Branch and MFA in Painting Sooreh Art University, she had participated in numerous group exhibitions. she participated in many festivals like 22nd National Festival of visual arts for Young Artists (2015, Tehran), 8th Fajr International Festival of Visual Arts (2015, Tehran), Annual Visual Arts of Versus Irainian Artists Forum (2014, Tehran). Hosseinian’s medium is pencil, she tries to make her audiences think about the nature of the works without focusing on the beauty of colorfulness, she thinks when we remove the color from the picture, we will focus on details and the lines. We can touch the feeling of the painter, include sadness and happiness of each character with following the lines. Hosseinian builds a structure that looks simple and achievable at first glance. Just like Caspar David Friedrich’s approach, she portrays a romantic and hopeless connection with the landscapes of her homeland that signify a symbolic relationship between humans and nature. In her pieces, She forms a connection between human perception and emotions with Nature, and while redefining this story, she tells an ambiguous tale in which-just like the artists of romanticism- humans are an inseparable part of nature.

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