Gamze Zorlu

Gamze Zorlu (b. 1989, Mersin, Turkey), graduated with a BA in fine arts from the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts Faculty in 2012. She spent the year in Spain attending Universidad de Sevilla via Erasmus LLP. In her paintings, she discusses the tense relationship between the city culture and the nature that we are part of but from which we are drawn away with the civilizations that we have founded. To emphasize the groundlessness of human-nature duality, she presents the space as a kind of puzzle both formally and contextually in the composition and she frequently conveys outdoor factors as if they are indoors. Thus, she intends to allow the audience to participate in the painting from various points by creating a kind of spatial infinity which destroys the balance of conventional composition and the source and target of which are not clear. In this process, she acts from the concept of ‘Strange attractors,’ which refers to being surrounded by nature in physics; Zorlu Works and lives in Istanbul, Turkey.

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