Siavash Naghshbandi
January 24-February 14,2020
* Statement
After several years of taking pictures with my mobile phone camera on a daily basis, I stumbled on an image taken accidentally, an image born through a mistake, which is the inevitable outcome of our image filled world. In its early attempts to gather information on human beings, artificial intelligence created images that wanted to represent reality, and in its every reproduction, it accidentally recreated an image from what it had previously learned.
* Bio
Siavash Naghshbandi (b. 1987, Tehran Iran) is a visual artist based in Tehran. He graduated in 2008 from IRIB Art University in Tehran with a BA in Animation and has since worked on numerous photography, film editing, and documentary projects. His films have been shown at multiple film festivals including the SEH-TANK: Cinéma Subversif in Zurich; the Middle East Now Film Festival in Florence, and Göteborg Film Festival. His photographs and videos have been included in different exhibitions at various museums, institutions, and art Galleries including Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art; Chelsea Art Museum, New York, USA, Hafriyat Karakoy Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey; Tomin Videothek, Frankfurt, Germany; Hillyer Art Space, Washington D.C, USA; and Affenfaust Galerie, Humburg, Germany. In 2018,Naghshbandi was shortlisted for MOP CAP (Magic of Persia ContemporaryArt Prize) in London. Naghshbandi was also the photographer of the motion picture “About Elly…” (2008), a film by Academy-Award-winning director Asghar Farhadi.