* Unveiling of Burning Wings: Last four decades (Farah Ossouli’s book)
February 2024

We are delighted and profoundly pleased to have been able to launch Farah Ossouli’s book at Foundry, Dubai. The book launch gathering was planned by the exhibition curator, Takin Aghdashloo.
The first speaker of the event was Ava Ayoubi, the director of Bavan Gallery, who described the book's release by Skira publishing house as evidence of the remarkable talents of Iranian women artists.
Subsequently, Aghdashloo read from a biography of Ossouli, noting that in addition to painting, she is commonly recognized for her work in theater, film, and graphics. Then, the remarks of Necmi Sönmez, a Turkish curator, art critic, and Skira publishing company art specialist, were shown on video. Examining Ossouli's diverse professions, he extolled her, characterizing this modern interpretation of classical art as a creative revolution.
The Dastan Gallery representative Sam Roknivand also complimented Ossouli on a lifetime of artistic accomplishment.
All these supports, The conversation with Mr. Necmi Sönmez, the heartwarming presence and speech of Mrs. Farah Ossouli and our dear colleagues, Takin Aghdashloo and Sam Roknivand, contributed to the advancement and greater impact of this presentation. We are very proud and happy that this unveiling was met with unparalleled warmth and reception, encouraging us for our next steps even more enthusiastically.