Bavan Gallery is pleased to announce its participation at London Art Fair 2021 presenting works by Elham Etemadi, Tarlan Tabar and Mahsa Tehrani.
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Individual works

Installation view

Press Release

Color Field Figuration

Mahsa Tehrani and Tarlan Tabar, two emerging artists from Tehran are both narrative artists. However, they do not follow a straight path of story telling and avoid applying particular or familiar forms and symbols that may make it very easy and superficial to get the meaning and story within their paintings. On the contrary, by looking at works by Pieter Brueghel and Hieronymus Bosh as their sources of inspiration and by looking and searching through media to find images that picture the contemporary word, they create their own composition of imaginary words with no particular border and geography. Their paintings are surreal interpretations of the combination of Influences by the art history and the world that we are living in.
Elham Etemadi is an artist who lives and works in France. In her expressionist figuratively paintings she tries to create a vast and expanded language which is not verbal but visual and is based on human feelings and attentions. Her works are combinations of or her different visions and sides of her character; as a mother, a female immigrant, a wife, and an artist she tries express her experiences in a visual language that May communicate with as much viewers as possible, from different backgrounds, cultures, nationalities, and genders.
Our booth will show a swing between two aspects of art and that is the coral concept of our installation. To show works that are the conclusion of an artistic effort in creating forms of narratives in front of works of artists who take the art object itself as the material and subject matter of their endeavor.