Bavan Gallery is pleased to announce its participation in Bon-Gah Art Book Fair, December 6 - 18, 2020, presenting works by Masoumeh Mohtadi.

Individual works

Press Release

Bavan Gallery has participated in the Bongah Art Book Fair with Masoumeh Mohtadi's artist's books. For Mohtadi, the artist's book is not just a book, but a medium in which she portrays her thoughts and invites the audience to interact with the artwork. Mohtadi explores linguistic topics with a mainly conceptual approach. Working with a wide range of mediums, language, and linguistic misunderstandings have always been the focus of her work. In these books, the artist transforms the content of the texts and weaves new and complex meanings. The artist's book as a medium raises the question of whether the artist's book is something different from books and rather an art object. We consider a book as an attractive object with which the majority of people can communicate, holds it, flips through it, and reads it, the artist's books, in the same manner, can be useful in bringing the audience closer to art and communicating and interacting with art forms, and them having only a single copy can change the audience's attitude towards them. In Bongah we can see three collections of these works: first, the origami artist's books that transform the nature of the text, its form, and our perception of them, the second collection includes the artist's books made out of print books that are woven together and cause the meaning and content to be further lost behind the this newly created text and form, in these works the artist creates a new version of the story in the audience's mind by tearing up the text and weaving them together again, and the last one is the artist's book with images hidden under sheets of gold that illustrate the difference between Eurocentric and non-Eurocentric art.