Bavan Gallery is pleased to announce its participation at Artissima 2022, Disegni Section presenting a solo exhibition by Yasi Alipour.

Individual works

Installation view

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With a look at mathematics and its connection with art, Yasi Alipour creates complex and intricate geometric forms that are not drawn but are the result of repetitive folds made by hand.
In these works, with references to Iran’s art history, architectural style, and her everyday life, Alipour aims to recreate abstraction. Works that also remind us of Islamic art, but focus on the importance of time and history beyond the orientalist narratives.
Using cyanotype and paper scratching techniques that result in the reduction of color and formation of lines, accentuates the importance of light and the artist’s body and leads to the creation of a new language; a language that holds fragility, trials, and mistakes within itself.
The artist makes the conscious choice to choose handcrafting as her method of creating these pieces, as the behavior of paper and the process will leave a lasting effect on the fiber of the paper. With folding, unfolding, and creating symmetries, as a recreational activity that can continue endlessly, the artist’s goal is to oppose monumentalizing of artworks.
Alipour’s pieces are in between sculptures and photographs, and with constant repetition retell the stories and memories shaped by the passage of time while creating a new form of abstraction that is intertwined with rhythmic chaos and leads to upheaval in the firm artistic structures.