* Event: Iranian Contemporary Art and Shifting Realities

Group Exhibition, October 19–29, 2023

Curated by Takin Aghdashloo

* Installation Views

* Individual Works

* Curatorial Statement

“An Event is the creation of a new possibility. An Event changes not only the real, but also the possible. An Event is at the level not of simple possibility, but at the level of possibility of possibility.” – Alain Badiou

In the philosophy of contemporary French philosopher Alain Badiou, the concept of Event holds a central and transformative role. An Event, according to Badiou, is a sudden and rare occurrence that introduces something genuinely new into a situation. It disrupts the existing order, breaks with the established norms, and opens up new possibilities for change and truth. It can be an occurrence such as a radical political rupture, a transformation of reality, or the rise of a new art form.

In this regard, the 2022 protest movement in Iran was a moment in history that falls under the Badiou’s definition of Event. The shifting attitudes in the psyche of the Iranian society, resulted in a transformative reframing of reality, and one of the biggest feminist uprisings in history.

An Event is an effect that seems to exceed the sum of its particular causes, so it is not grounded in sufficient reasons, making its re-enactment impossible. However, it is possible to retrospectively examine an Event, and this exhibition aims to look at the conditions that lead to the 2022 Iranian social revolution, through the lens of art.

The exhibition unfolds a tapestry of fidelity as multiple generations of Iranian artists become subjects of change, standing steadfast in their commitment to capturing the essence of truth. Their works transcend local boundaries, resonating universally, transcending borders, and fostering dialogue beyond the nation's borders.

- Takin Aghdashloo
* Participating Artists

Mehrdad Afsari
Atoosa Alebouyeh
Navid Azimi-Sajadi
Mohsen Fouladpour
Amir Kamand
Shohreh Mehran
Parsa Mostaghim
Nicky Nodjoumi
Farah Ossouli
Elham Pourkhani
Ali-Akbar Sadeghi
Soraya Sharghi
Mahsa Tehrani
* Date and Location

Opening reception: October 19th, 2023
Address: Gallery 7 Cromwell Place, 4 Cromwell Pl, London SW7 2JE
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