Raheleh Amirbahrami

Raheleh Amirbahrami (b.1991 Tehran, Iran) holds a bachelor's degree in graphic design from Shariati University. Amirbahrami started painting in 2016 and, at the same time, studied the history of art and art criticism. Her collaborations with magazines, newspapers, and art journals, and interviewing artists, and writing art criticism have been a turning point in her encounter with art. Bahrami currently works in the medium of painting and installation. For her, art is always a platform for thinking, not just producing a mere visual object. An important part of her working process consists of researching the subjects and writing about them. Artmaking for her is not creating a new object and concept but revising the images, theories, and ideas to ask questions and challenge their original position. Socio-political history, language, and history of art are the most important sources of her encounter with art. Amirbahrami believes that we cannot trust dominant narratives of history and their authenticity because history is always distorted and changed by various elements, including time and sub-narratives. In her artworks, she tries to widen the gap between reality and what is perceived by adding and juxtaposing different mediums and collaging various unrelated concepts and images. Therefore, she does not expect a clear and coherent reading of her work; instead, she tries to challenge the audience in encountering the work of art.
Moreover, the language of art for her is something to be questioned, its ability to convey meanings and how it is understood by the audience. Bahrami believes that art is not merely a language in service of the meaning, but in making art, there is a conflict between the two and art tries to be autonomous in its expression. She believes that creating a work of art in one fixed medium cannot be enough for communicating with her audience. Sometimes, meaning is created when a specific medium is challenged, and sometimes in questioning the concepts and meaning, you choose your medium.

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