Mehrdad Jafari

Mehrdad Jafari (b.1984, Behshahr, Iran) graduated from Shiraz University with a BA in Handicrafts in 2008. Jafari translates the loss of reflection in humans into his mostly morbid illustrations. In his work, anthropomorphic creatures consume themselves and others in eerie yet sensual compositions. One can see these collections of drawings and objects as his diaries; everything that Jafari encounters is translated into an illustrative style wherein anthropomorphic figures play the main characters, at times it even is the artist himself portrayed. In order to break free from the bitterness and failure of everyday life, Jafari invents an imaginative world in which he experiences the freedom to create without ever compromising the truth. Jafari is intrigued by the fast consumption of society and the wastefulness that characterizes this. He sees possibilities and poetry in discarded objects and the memories those objects hold. Through art, Jafari reimagines concepts, conventions, and existence, finding a new definition through analysis and internalization. Jafari lives and works in Tehran, Iran.