Masoumeh Mohtadi

Masoumeh Mohtadi (b.1983, Isfahan, Iran) has received her high school diploma in math/physics and then started studying Painting in the Islamic Azad University, from which she received her BFA, and later she graduated from the Alzahra University with an MFA. Since 2008, she has held two solo shows and participated in numerous group exhibitions, including the 7th Tehran National Sculpture Biennial in the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art and the International Eco Art in Kunsthalle, Budapest. Mohtadi was drawn to language as the principle means of communication and subsequently started to study linguistics. Turning to new media, she sought to challenge the certainty of language and the five senses. Since 2013 Mohtadi started creating artist books and amazing installations to engage audience with her artworks. Mohtadi lives and works in Tehran.

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