Mahsa Tehrani

Mahsa Tehrani (b.1983, Tehran, Iran) is a narrative artist, However, she doesn't follow a straight path of storytelling and avoid applying particular or familiar forms and symbols that may give away the meaning and story within her paintings very easily. Tehrani creates her very own framework of imaginary world with no particular border and geography. Her paintings make a surreal combination between the influences of art history and the world we live in. Tehrani deliberately fails to meet the standard expectations of form and content in order to get an emotional response from the audience, a reaction that can be a mixture of dislike and desire. A precarious and ambiguous situation on the border of life and death, both familiar and unfamiliar, both absent and present. Like the mysterious subconscious. She has been looking to romanticism during creating these works, consciously and away from retrogression, in order to take Advantage of its features, with all of her knowledge about modernism, post modernism and conceptual art. Tehrani lives and works in Tehran.

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