Mahsa Parvizi

Mahsa Parvizi (b.1993, Ahvaz, Iran) holds a bachelor's degree in graphic design from Shariati University in Tehran and a master's degree in art research from the Islamic Azad University of Tehran. She started her art career at the age of 18 with painting, and now she intends to expand her career toward more diverse mediums and materials. Since 2016, Parvizi has been writing for magazines, galleries, and various art centers and owes her current view on her artworks to the years of doing criticism and research in various fields of art. In her view, the artists' geographical and socio-political conditions play an important role in giving shape to their works. Therefore, she looks at the work of the artist as something beyond aesthetical elements and in close relationship with historical and political situations. One of Parvizi's main concerns is to reflect on art as media and question this media as part of her work. Parvizi considers the work of art as a kind of testimony to the presence and the way of thinking of human beings. In some of her works, she narrates historical events through their remains, such as photographs and films; in these works, she focuses on what defines the authenticity of the narratives given by the people who have been present at those events. In some of her works, she explores how images affect the audience's understanding and perception. She examines the distinction between displaying images in different times, media, and situations and how it can be used to veil the reality in front of our eyes. By breaking the links of images or part of them with their past, future, and original context, she seeks to deconstruct them and reproduce them without creating a new concept. She makes the viewer's encounter with her work a challenge, looking at a familiar concept in a new composition and trying to understand it. The basis of ideological structures and deviation from them is one of the artist's main concerns. Because of that, Parvizi explores the concept of violence in her works and its connection with man and history.

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