Leila Ghandchi

Leila Ghandchi (b.1982, Tehran, Iran) is a PhD candidate in Teaching German as a Foreign Language at Azad University in Tehran, Iran. Ghandchi studied painting under the tutelage of Manouchehr Motabar, a well-known Iranian painter, in addition to serving as his teaching assistant from 2000 to 2004. Her paintings cover a wide variety of themes. In her early works, social subjects played an important role. From there, she began to concentrate on the complex relation between human crisis and the mind. Having embarked on her professional career in 2011, she held her first solo exhibition in 2014 with Aaran Art Gallery and her second solo exhibition in Etemad Art Gallery in 2020. During these years, she has also taken part in numerous group exhibitions. Ghandchi utilizes different materials and various symbols, from rhythmic gymnasts to ancient fossils, in order to express her curious thoughts and depict them. These materials and symbols grant her works the possibility to demonstrate fragility and elegance. In the last few years, she has primarily focused on representing the intriguing function of perception and the way it deals with crises, especially those happening in the Middle East, and other human subjects such as life and death, all in her own unique and personal way. Ghandchi lives and works in Tehran, Iran.