Faezeh Baharlou

Faezeh Baharlou (born 1988, Ahwaz) is an Iranian painter. She was raised in Isfahan and graduated in graphic design from an art college. Initially, she intended to pursue illustration as her career by majoring in graphic design. However, after being accepted into the painting program, her career path shifted towards becoming a painter.
In contrast to illustration, which is somewhat linked to a narrative and is considered a tool for better understanding other stories, Baharlou views painting as an independent, free, and personal form of expression. She hopes for her paintings to stand alone as stories in the world.
Baharlou later obtained a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in illustration. She describes her paintings as illustrations to accompany stories that cannot be told with words. The subjects of her paintings are her personal experiences and stories, which she portrays as such: "I paint my own stories, I speak of womanhood, of forms, of water and nature, of hair and silence, and of the narrowness of time and the vastness of the world."